Monday, 25 July 2022

Home moorings

We set off at 9-30 this morning and no sooner had I sprung off to the far side of the canal, there were two boats moored between us and the bridge, a boat appeared the other side of the bridge, well two of them actually.
For those of you have been around the canal for some years you may remember a little shop in a garden shed , canal side called Canal Crafts on the Coventry canal. It closed down many years ago although you can still find the odd sign pointing to it the house is now being redeveloped.DSCF6929

A little further on, just before the moorings they are carrying out some major work on the overhead power cables.DSCF6931

After meeting the two boats just after we set off we didn’t meat any more boats all the way back to the marina.

The whole trip.image

Today’s Journeyimage

2¼ miles, no locks in just 1 hour.

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