Saturday, 13 August 2022

Fazeley Junction

We arrived at the marina a little after 12 30 but it was heading towards 3pm before we got away.
We only met one boat on our way to Glascote Locks but we were third in the queue when we got there with a boat just coming up. When it was our turn to go down there was a boat in the bottom lock coming up so we waited for them, then when it was our turn to go, we emptied the top lock a boater was just filling the bottom one so we should pass in the middle. I think there was someone steering when it left the lock.DSCF6967These locks are slow at the best of times but now the bottom lock has the near side bottom paddle taped up. Passing the Tamworth Boat club we saw this parked on the grass, not many of them about now but there was on at Park Farm Marina when we were there.DSCF6968

We chugged on to Fazeley Junction to moor for the night, I was going a bit further but a Fazeley Chinese Takeaway swung the decision.
This trip may be slightly more exciting than some we have done as we are heading to Northwich Dry Dock for blacking. This is our proposed route and itinerary. for the 2 weeks.

Todays Journey image

3¾ miles, 2 locks in 2¼ hours


Anonymous said...

Brian, be aware of a published closure of the Anderton lift for the remainder of this season.

Alf said...

Are you going via the Port & Ship canal? You do realise that the Anderton Lift is closed now till next year?