Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I've got man flu

We arrived on the boat just after lunch on Monday; the plan was to do lots of work. Diana was half way through the flu and I am a few days behind her so we both feel more than one degree under. The temperature on the boat was just 4.5 C. with a humidly of 96% when we arrived. First job was to get the Dickinson fired up and then the range in the back cabin, which was not over cooperative. By bedtime the boat had warmed nicely and all the bedding in the boatman’s cabin was well aired before I let the fire die out for the night.
One of the jobs on the list was to fit a new domestic battery, last time we came to the boat the voltage was low, which is unusual as I always charge as much as possible before leaving the boat. We have a 24-volt system provided by 4X6 volt 200 amp batteries and when I removed the cover to the battery box one looked very suspect with dampness around the filler cap, sure enough it was the one with the low voltage. Tuesday I felt fit enough to change it, needless to say it wasn’t the easiest one in the bank to get out. While I was head down in the engine room with the side doors open for light "Epiphany" came by heading south and we exchanged a quick hello as they continued on there way and I continued struggling. Needless to say the new battery is about 1 cm longer than the old one so I had to adjust (saw a bit off) the spacer at the end of the battery box. Hopfully if things improve a bit I will do some more work before we go home at the weekend.

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Brian's Blog said...

What you both need is an Adkins Cream Tea in front of a roaring Holt Farm fire.

Brian, NB Otter