Saturday, 27 December 2008

Last trip of the year day 1

We arrived at the boat a little after 2 PM after a rather slow drive from Suffolk. At 3 o'clock we were at Napton top lock emptying the car onto the boat. One boat had just come up the flight but unfortunately for us, they must have met a boat in that pound, as from here on all the locks were against us with several of the bottom offside gates open. Just after 4 PM we were in the bottom pound and passing NB Ten Bob Note who was facing up the flight.  BW now have a notice at the bottom lock instructing people how to operate the locks, its a bit rough and ready stuck on what looks like a "road works" board, but with so many hire bases near by I suppose it makes sense.  We thought of mooring for the night by the Folly and there was a space behind the Ownerships NB Orchard, which to our surprise had friends and fellow Ipswich IWA/Gipping Trust members Lewis and Mitzi onboard. By now we had decided to carry on to The Bridge, Napton, but when we arrived the moorings were all full so we carried on to the next bridge and moored for the night at 5 PM in the dark.

For our latest location

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