Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last trip report of the year day 5

Last night was cold, there was ice on the gunwale at 4 PM and when we took the dog out last thing the canal was completely frozen over.  This morning the ice was about 10 mm thick when we took the dog for a walk about 10 AM. We could hear the ice "singing" and as we walked along the towing path sure enough we met a boat coming towards us, it must have been a 1/4 mile away when we heard the ice by the boat.  We were very pleased that N.B. Rick Oshay had cut a path for us. We walked back to the boat and continued for about 3/4 mile to the winding hole where we turned and then followed Rick Oshay's path back to Foxton Locks. Unfortunately for us he had turned off up the lock. N.B. Claxon and Matilda Rose were filling their water tanks at the junction and very kindly invited us to pass them before the also made their way towards Leicester, needles to say we were the first boat to travel that section today and ended up breaking the ice all the way to Debdale Wharf. We turned into the marina and made our way slowly round to then where Dave's paint shop is, I'm not sure if we should be moored here or not, but the Office is closed for the next couple of days and if we had moored outside, with temperatures as they are we may not get in on Friday, so we will sit here until someone comes and shouts at us.

So it looks as if our travels are not only over for 2008 but also for the first couple of months of 2009 as well. Watch this space.


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