Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Last trip of the year day 4

We set off at 10 am to a bright sunny morning, it felt quite mild compared with late but there was very thin ice on parts of the cut. We had about 7 miles to go to the Foxton flight and we only met a couple of boats on the way. Its good to see that North Kilworth Wharf has been taken over and is now supplying boaters needs once more.  At the top of the locks we stopped for lunch and then headed to the top lock which was in our favour. Diana walked down the flight to see the lock keeper and returned saying two boats were coming up the bottom half and there was no locky. by now another boat had drawn up behind us and we set off  down the top half to pass the up hill boats in the centre pound. Just as we approached half way the lock keeper appeared and told us to pull over in the centre pound and let the other boats passed. We said yes, I didn't add it was the only thing we could do. As the second boat passed I told the locky that there was a boat waiting at the top, checking the time he said " he will be lucky, last boat in is at 1445 and its now 1420 hrs." I don't know if the other boat made it but at 1445 the locky was seeing us out and putting the padlock on the bottom gate to stop anyone else coming up. Once through the lock we turned right towards Market Harborough and do battle with the new swing bridge, it would have been easier if the Canaltime boats were not moored to the bollards so Diana could have got off and on easily instead she had to step of the very bow onto the entrance to the bridge and then back on the stern on the off side.  On the 14 day moorings we passed n.b. Caxton  and  n.b. Matilda Rose, got a quick wave as we passed. We carried on towards Market Harborough for a couple of miles before mooring for the night at 4 PM.

For our latest location http://tinyurl.com/Harnser-s-route

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