Sunday, 1 March 2009

1 March 09 Atherstone to Hawkesbury

We had a very late start today not getting away until 11 o'clock. The weather was grand and there were moor boats about today than we had seen all week. We carried on in the sunshine to Springwood Haven Marina where we spotted Ann walking her dogs so we pulled over for a chat, it turned out they were about to leave for Coventry and would be mooring at Hawkesbury for the night so we agreed to join them. As we made out way through Nuneaton we noticed that Hazel and Peter were home so we stopped at their jetty for a short chat, in the mean time Bill and Ann went by and we caught up with them just after they had moored on the edge of Hawkesbury by the weir. We pulled in behind them at about 4 pm and went onboard there boat for a glass of wine and a chat.


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