Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday 3 March 09 Willoughby to Napton

Yesterday evening we had rain which destroyed my 3 Internet signal as well as making the towing path messy for taking the dog out, however this morning was quite bright and we set off about half nine. We saw quite a few boats about including Lazy Days moored at Braunston. At Braunston Turn we turned right towards Napton Junction, there were far fewer boats moored along here than normal we see. Between bridge 103 and 102 BW are piling the towing  path bank which will increase the summer moorings in the area dramatically as well as improve the foot path, south of this they have carried out spot repairs to the path with a light grey material that looks almost like gone off cement crushed up. At Wigrams Turn/Napton Junction we carried on straight ahead and moored for the night quite early outside the Bridge Inn, Napton a little after mid day. I then rang the Taxi firm and asked if they could pick us up at about 2 pm to take us to Debdale Wharf so we could retrieve the car, this went without a hitch and tonight we will eat in the Bridge Inn, leaving the car in their carpark. In the morning Diana will drive to our moorings and walk down the flight to meet me while I take Harnser on alone.

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