Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tues 24 March Napton to Fenny, S. Oxford

By the time we had loaded the boat on the top lock, lock moorings it was quarter to three. We were about to set off when a boat came up the locks, as we were on the lock mooring we helped them through. Just as we were about to reverse back to the Engine Arm to wind a second boat came up the locks, this was most handy as when they filled the lock the water draw helped us turn in the mouth of the arm. We made our way to Marston Doles bottom lock and after the boat ahead left turned the lock and invited the boat behind us to go through as they were travelling together. Once they had gone we made our way through. I tied Harnser with the centre line to the mooring post below the top lock and went up to help Diana, when I came down Harnser was floating backwards down the pound and I was just able to jump onto her bows. I had tied her with the centre line using a lightermans hitch, but of course the pull was almost vertical on a very wobbly bollard. As we entered the lock the crew from another boat on out moorings appeared, with them they had their sons dog, just as we were leaving the lock Magic decided it was time to say hello, as he is now completely deaf I had to get off to fetch him, luckily Harnser's bum was still in the lock so I just left her in reverse while I fetched him, by the time I had him back onboard we were over half way back into the lock. We pushed on towards the radio mast at Wormleighton, from here to Wormleighton bends the smell was something else, it smelt like they had been spraying raw sewage on the fields. Just south of the bends  between bridges 131 and 132 was a BW work boat and I was very sorry to see that they have removed the wooden footbridge that use to span the canal here. It was the only one of that deign that I have come across but being wood I suppose its days were always numbered. We pulled into the moorings just south of The Wharf, Fenny Compton just after 6 pm, it wasn't until Diana went ashore with the bow rope that we realised we were bow to bow with Derwent6, the last time we met was in Debdale Marina when we were waiting to go in for our paint job. As we passed the water point I noticed that the last boater had left his keys in the water tap, so I took them into the pub in case he comes back looking for them, He was on a smallish tug heading south so we may pass him still moored up in the morning if we get away early enough.

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Adam said...

Shame about the wooden footbridge. I've never seen one like that before, either. It was sagging a bit, though, making it quite low in the middle!

Looking forward to reading about your epic cruise. You're pretty much the first of the year to set off, which must be a sure sign of spring!