Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wed 25 March Fenny Compton to Aynho

We set off in good time today, just before 9 am. The weather was mixed, a bit of sun, a bit of snow, a bit of wind a bit of rain and a few calm moments, the only thing missing was thunder and lightning, but that was made up for but the jet fighters thundering over at low level. As we approached the Claydon flight two large Golden Retrievers bounded up to Diana, luckily Simon was not far behind. For some reason BW have changed the moorings above Cropredy to 24 hr moorings, that is I would suggest a complete waste of time, most people arrive at a mooring late in the afternoon and leave normally at a reasonable time in the morning regardless how long they stay for. This means that on a 24 hr mooring realistically you are only able to moor overnight, 48 hrs would have been a much better option. We gave a wave to Matilda Rose as we passed them below Cropredy on the 14 day morning, well to Graham who stuck his head right out of one of their opening portholes. Sovereign in Banbury opens at 2pm we arrived at about 5 minutes too so had to wait for them to open, the owner actually turned up at about quarter past, we took on 80 lt's of diesel, they don't take credit cards or give Green Shield stamps but they do give FREE bantam eggs, so we took 6. We continued on and at Nell Bridge where someone has put in some very nice off side moorings all with water and electricity. There was very little flow on the Cherwell as we crossed into Aynho Lock, but the woodwork protecting the weir is getting in very bad condition and soon some of the timbers will escape if BW don't do something, maybe it would have been better if they had invested in 10 X 6" nails than the big notice that tells you the air draft at Nell bridge because even if you know the height of your boat the notice doesn't tell you if its the centre of the arch or at handrail and I think once I have dropped the lock I can tell if I can get through or not. We have moored for the night opposite Aynho Wharf and plan to eat in the Great Western Hotel.


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