Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday Cropredy to Fenny Compton

We set off at our normal 10 o'clock ish, there had already been a few boats past. Diana discovered the British Waterways Lock Garden that nether of us new existed before, for those of you who don't know it you can find it between the church yard and the canal just below the bridge at the tail of Cropredy Lock. There are a couple of round picnic tables as well as 2 bench seats overlooking the canal.
We met a steady stream of traffic which resulted in all the locks being with us. One of the boats I met in the top pound at Claydon was called "Wild Kitten", I wonder if it belongs to Wild Cat Boat Training?  if so it could account for the queue of two at Claydon Top Lock waiting to come down.
The summit pound is down by several inches which is probably to an unexpected increase of boats at both Napton and Claydon as we have seen more boats on the move today than the rest of the week put together. The low water made it slow going just prior to Fenny Tunnel as we dragged the mud a bit . We moored just before the Wharf pub at Fenny a little before 2 pm and I installed the wiring for the pair of solar panels that I intend to install, I managed to get about a tenth of an amp out of them at 4 pm. I hope it improves when the sun shines a bit. The plan is only to have them on the roof of the boat when she is at the moorings to reduce the self discharge of the batteries while the boat is not in use, but first I have to get a method of securing them.

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