Friday, 19 February 2010

Observer Ethical Award nb. Tia

Many of you in the Braunston/Napton area will have come across Graham on Narrowboat Tia selling Ecover cleaning products. Graham has put his name forward for the Observer Ethical Award in the "Local Retailer" Category.
To win this award which would give not only his business but also the Inland Waterways good green publicity in the National Press, Graham  requires people to vote for him.

If you would like to support Graham in his environmentally friendly business then please vote for him  on the Observer web site at to vote you need to register, but you only need to put in your name and email address to do this, the other fields can be left blank.

Once registered click on "Best Local Retailer" and "Vote Now" The details to enter are:- Tia,  South Midlands, CV47 8HU

More details are on Tia's web site at

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Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi there.

Yep the water was to wash Duggies paws but that was after he had climbed all over Jacquie's leg to tell her it was past his lunch time.

We were breaking ice on our return from Hillmorton on Monday morning, must write up my blog. The warmer weather now is much appreciated.

Take care Mac & Jacquie