Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tuesday Fenny to Napton

Last night we ate in the Fenny Wharf,it was curry and a pint for £5 - 95 followed by a sweet which was not included. We had not been in bed long when it started to rain quite heavily. The overnight temperature only dropped to 0.9 deg. but there was still a good ground frost which resulted in several stretches of the canal being covered in ice. The first job was to fill with water before setting off to Napton. The first boats we met were quite close to Marston Doles and they were 3 canoes, shortly after that we started meeting narrow boats, 5 in total before we reached our moorings, After loading stuff from the boat to the car it was a case of draining the water system again, this time making sure the length of copper pipe in the toilet was also drained. This all done we were on our way home at 2 30 pm We had missed the rain but we were going to find plenty between Napton and Suffolk.

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