Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday 6 The Ownerships Show

Last night we had a very enjoyable meal in The Bridge Inn, Napton, washed down with a couple of pints of Story Teller, I have never tried this beer before,its quite light and slightly flowery. There were three other couples in the bar, all boaters, a couple from Calcutt and one from Wigrams, there were also three other people in the restaurant sitting behind me who were having a slight domestic but they kept the noise down so it wasn't to bad. The night was very clear and the pressure on the rise so it turned quite cold, but by this morning it was misty. unlike yesterdays sunshine so I decided to light the stove in the Boatman's Cabin to keep my bum warm.
We set off about 9 30,and saw several boats on the move on our way to Braunston arriving a little after 11 am, the Ownership boat trips were in full swing, going from the marina to Braunston Junction and back. We moored at the first spot we found just before the bridge opposite The Boat ex Millhouse and wandered down to the marina chatting to several people we knew as we went. There were the normal stands in the marquee and the cheese boat in the marina doing cheese tasting. At the far end of the marquee was the bar/eatery where we partook of a coffee and burger, both good value and very tasty. There were quite a few people about and Ownerships had filled the end of the arm with their boat as well as about 6 outside all manned by volunteer owners eager to tell prospective new owners how great the boats and operation was.
There was not a great deal there to interest us so once we had spoken with old friends and acquaintances we headed back to the boat to continue cruising. I followed one of the trip boats down to the marina entrance where he reversed into the marina to collect another batch of waiting passengers,I had just completed turning when the second trip boat came into view,so I drew back towards Butchers bridge to allow him easy access to the marina, again he put his bows into the offside bank and reversed in, as I came forward passed him the second one started to come out with fresh passengers onboard. He followed us as far as Braunston Turn where we went towards the South Oxford, he went straight by and reversed back into the S Oxford to head back to the marina. There were even more boats about for our return journey. The sunken motor is still on the Puddle Bank,but now there is a dumb barge moored on the outside of it as well as its butty on the inside, so I assume they intend to salvage it shortly, it looks to be in quite deep water where it is with only the cabin top and bow above the surface. We arrived back at The Bridge at about 4 pm and dropped into the last vacant visitor mooring.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Harnser has the dreaded Paint Pox and her roof, handrails, slides and cants are covered in blisters, some micro blisters and some small bubbles. There is a lot of this around from what I can understand , see here and I spoke the the chap that painted her, just 12 months ago about it this morning. Watch this space.


Unknown said...

Hi guys I didn't ignore your comment the other day - I replied twice, but for some reason the system wouldn't let me comment. I'd love to know if the prices at the Folly have become closer to reasonable (£3+ for half a bowl of chips 18 moths ago).Jill Matilda Rose

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Hi Jill , sorry I wont be able to help you, I am going to wait for someone else to try it first before I go back. I can#t aford the sweets.