Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2010 Basic Cruising statistics for NB. Harnser

After seeing that some blogger's where including boating statistics on the bottom of their blogs, I thought I would just total up a few statistics from our cruising on Harnser over the past 12 months.

In the past 12 months Harnser has covered some 933 miles passing through 783 locks, or 1716 lock miles. At an average speed of just over 2.8 Lock Miles per hour (LMPH) against engine running hours.
Our true average speed would probably be just over 3 LMPH as some engine running is done without moving.

To do this we have spent 115 nights onboard and had the toilet tank emptied 5 times.

The engine has run for some 610 hours and we have bought 925 litres of diesel for which we paid an average of 69p/Lt before duty.

The diesel consumption including what has been burnt on the Dickinson stove averages out at 1.6 litres per engine running hour or 1 Lt per mile travelled.

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Andy Tidy said...

I can just about match your distance but I envy your number of nights afloat! Blinking work...