Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday 20 Feb 2011

Well yesterday was another great afternoon and evening of entertainment with one artist just following on from the other. We nipped off about 6 to feed and walk the dog before heading back so as not to miss to much. We were going to eat on the boat, but the pub was doing meals in a bowl to bee eaten on your lap whilst being entertained, so it was two bowls of curry and chips.
All in all it was a very slick well organised event with only about ten to fifteen minutes between performers. Again Soundwave, the sound team did a wonderful job mixing for all the acts from solo singers with acoustic guitar accompaniment to full bands, even including a 9 strong  shanty choir.

We pushed off about 10 this morning and by then several boats had been passed, Napton Narrowboats only look as if they have a couple of boats out but there were quite a few spaces in the marina. The moorings in Braunston opposite the Boathouse were quite full but nothing at Butchers Bridge. One hire boat found a good spot on the waterpoint and sani station to moor. We went into the marina and had a pump out, luckily they were open so that we could buy a £10 token, once that tank was empty we stopped just outside the marina to fill the water tank. While we were doing that a small outboard powered boat stopped for water, he had 9 fenders hanging on each side, but still managed to hit the hard bank with an unprotected bit of steel.
We moored for the night right outside The Boathouse door on their moorings as we will be eating in there tonight, we just have to put up with their music until closing time.

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