Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday 19 February 2011

Well no sign of the Aurora last night, no sign of the moon ether and at about half one this morning it started tipping it down with rain which continued most of the night.

We had a great night in The Bridge Inn last night starting with a meal at 6 pm followed by an evening of great entertainment.
It all took place in the dining room which is not the biggest venue in the world and with acts ranging from a female soloist to a 5 piece band the sound mixing guys and girls "Soundwave" did a great job. The evening was supposed to wrap up at midnight but "Something Nasty in the Wood" were still hammering it out until about quarter to one, complete with bagpipes.

About 10 this morning BW contractors came past by on a work boat and have been hard at work cutting offside trees and scrub in the winding hole opposite the pub. There have been a few boats passed including a couple of hire boats.

I didn't do any photos last night after all and if I had I would not have been able to post them as I had a message from 3 saying I was approaching my data limit for the month.

Today the performances start at 4 pm so we are going to have to work out who we intend to miss while we have dinner and take the dog out.

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