Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday 18 February 2011

It was a full moon last night, but with a thin cloud cover, this not only kept it warm overnight but prevented us seeing the Aurora if there actually was one, maybe we will have better luck tonight.
The mooring was OK with only a slight problem, the rooks have claimed the tree opposite where we moored and were keen to tell us so at first light this morning.

We didn't set off until 10 15 am by which time it was one degree colder than last night, there was nothing moving down the flight so all locks were against us. When we walked the dog down late last night all the locks were well above weir but this morning all about 2" below, so the back pumps must have been running last night but off today.
We stopped at The Folly to fill with water, it still looks the same as it did straight after it closed down, even the empty kegs are sill in the same spot. Maybe it will be open for the summer. Once topped up we pushed on towards The Bridge Inn, on the way we passed two chaps trimming the towing path hedge, one with a long shaft petrol hedge trimmer and the other with a petrol blower to clear away the trimmings. We arrived at The Bridge Inn about 11 30 am and are on the first mooring from the pub ready for tonight's entertainment.

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