Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday 29 Wedding Day

First job today as we were not moving was to run the engine to charge the batteries up. This was followed by erecting the TV aerial, rotating for the best signal and tuning in the Freeview, you can guess why.

This afternoon involved a walk into the village to visit first The Buck and Bell to try two of the beers on offer and then to The Harvester (note this is not A Harvester) to try two more beers and a couple of buffalo burgers.

To get to the village we walked to The Two Boats and then along the main road as there is a sign at the end of the footpath by the towing path saying the foot bridge over the stream is closed, not true, we came back that way and much more pleasant than walking the road.

The first pub tried to sell us two commemorative glasses at £2 each to take from pub to pub with us, but carrying a glass around seemed a right pain in the bum, any way at £3 a pint they can wash up after me.

All the boats that use to be moored on the offside between The Cuttle Inn and the lock have been moved and are now moored towing path side. A local dog walker told us that this was due to a dispute with the shed making company that use the land which they use to moor against, but he added its not over yet as BW have told the shed company that they own the first 7 ft of the bank anyway.

As the afternoon has progressed there have been more and more boats joining us moored along the concrete edge between bridge 26 and the old railway bridge. Watching them trying to drive pins into the concrete just under the turf has added to the amusement.

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