Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Post script

It was twenty past seven this evening and Diana was just putting the dinner out on the plates in the galley, we don't do silver service when afloat. We both looked up towards the side hatch as we both heard the sound of a slow engine working well. There about three feet five inches from the side hatch was the bow of a working boat, a working boat is about seven feet wide, those of you old enough to work in pre decimal numbers should be able to work it out. The ex working boat from Clattercote Wharf proceeded to run the length of our hull and then the hull of the boat moored ahead of us, she then dragged her butty the full length of our hull before starting on the one ahead.

I did consider redoing the blacking between the rubbing strips and the gunwale this week, I am glad I didn't bother.

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