Thursday, 30 July 2015

Patch Swing Bridge Thursday 30 July 2015

Gloucester Docks are not my favourite mooring, the pontoons are very nice and so are the surroundings but not all the Seagulls that make a horrendous noise from dawn to dusk as well as carrying out bombing runs.

It was a late start this morning after a visit to the lock keeper to discuss the tides next week when we want to leave, they will be high enough to top the weirs so we need to be clear of the Upper Parting before the incoming tide reaches there. Its a 3 Star Bore on Sunday night. We then walked to Sainsbury’s for some odds and ends only to find we could moor outside.

We pushed off about 1230 hrs tagging behind another boat waiting for Llanthony Bridge to lift.G&S  Between Llanthony Bridge and the new High Orchard bridge there is a Light Ship that is up for sale if anyone wants an interesting vessel.G&S The new Sainsbury’s is right beside High Orchard Bridge and has 4hr moorings right outside the door.DSCF9748

Not long after this we came to our first manual swing bridge, some are mechanised but some still require the bridge keeper to put his back into it.

Some children were enjoying the afternoon sunshine, did i tell you the sun was shining today, no rain at all. They were on a short disused arm that use to be the crossing point for an old bridge. DSCF9756I am not sure what they had for a raft, probably something they shouldn't have.

I am not sure if this a floating work of art or a nursery for CRT to grow reeds to plant along the canal, or it may just be the case they never got round to unloading the dredging after last time they used it.DSCF9759

At Saul junction R W Davis are working on what looks a strange craft, I think its going to be a floating Cafe when its finished, I wonder where it will be moored?DSCF9762

Other kids were also enjoying the warm weather in a more official way, these ones were in their canoes where as these lesDSCF9765 fortunate ones where on a boat trip, I think they were all enjoying themselves with The Willow Trust. We carried on a bit further to Patch Bridge which is close to the Slimbridge Bird sanctuary where we have actually got a BBQ on the go, first this year.G&S

Today’s journey map 12

11¾ miles in 3¼ hours

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