Monday, 30 November 2015

King’s Bromley Monday 30 November 2015

We were a little late getting away today as we were investigating a faulty DVD we have, the last 30 minutes wouldn’t work last night in the TV so we tried it on the lap top, a slight improvement before it froze. Also this morning the man came passed with his strimmer carefully avoiding all the moored boats.

It was quarter to eleven when we set off in the light rain, it rained most of the day, not heavily but persistent. Not long after setting off we met a boat so Colwich lock was in our favour, as the lock emptied it can be seen that water is flowing under theDSCF0944 cill. This is probably due to the cill bumper hanging off on just the left hand chain so boats entering the empty lock are hitting the cill. We continued in the rain stopping to fill with diesel at Taft Bridge from the boat Dexta. The cheapest diesel in the area by a long chalk. We continued on to Armitage where we pulled over for lunch, we don’t normally stop for lunch and eat on the move, but the weather was so miserable we pulled over and sat in the warm and dry to eat it.

After lunch the wind picked up a bit and we had a couple of gusts that hit 35 MPH. Luckily as we turned into the marina there was a lull in wind which was handy as I had to turn straight into it, needless to say the next gust came as I turned broad side to it to try  and get into our slot, I was very pleased to have Diana onboard to fend off at the front as I drove the back round into the wind.

Once safely moored and partaken of a cup of tea I did an engine oil change as well as topping the batteries up with deionised water. I always do this at the same time as I do the oil change and find it about right for our usage.

Today’s Journey map 9 

10 miles, 1 lock in 3½ hours.

That’s it folks until the next adventure.

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