Monday, 23 November 2015

Western Monday 23 November 2015

Well it dropped to -2° C outside at 2am this morning. This morning was bright and a bit chilly. We set off at 10-30 and was please to find no queue at Colwich Lock, no surprise there, but I was surprised there was not a single boat moored to the West of DSCF0871 Wolseley Bridge, its normally a popular spot, likewise there were only 4 boats moored between Colwich and Gt Haywood lock, where have they all gone?

We stopped for water at Gt Haywood where we had to wait, one boat filling with diesel and one with water. The both finished and pushed off at the same time, its not a bad tap here. Once full we continued up the T&M and as we approached Hoo Mill lock a boat had just come out, however by the time we arrived the boat behind them had turned it round so we had to wait until they came down as well, much to our surprise there was yet another boat waiting above the lock to come down after we left. We carried on just through Weston Bridge where we moored for the night and since we have been here another boat has gone by so that is ten or a dozen boats we have seen on the move today, a lot more that yesterday. When we moored up at 3 pm it felt quite cold but it was actually 6°C but there was no sign of that bit of sun this afternoon.

Today’s Journey map 26 Miles 1 Junction 4 locks in 3½ hours.

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