Thursday, 15 November 2018

Old Rode Thursday 16 November 2018

A lazy start as we only had about 3 hours to do today. Before we left 2 boats had come by going the other way, one said the next to locks were with us. What he didn't know was a boat moored nearer the locks set off after he passed so they were against us again. Looking back at Wheelock bottom lock all the visitor moorings are now empty.DSCF0588

We met a third boat at Wheelock locks so that set one lock up for us, but the boat ahead had the benefit of the rest. At Maddocks Lock CRT contractors are foam injecting the nearside lock walls,DSCF0590This has already made a big difference to the water leaking through onto the towpath and making it a quagmire.

It was here that we caught up with the boat ahead and followed them as far as Hassall Green where they pulled over. Work is making good progress at the old Romping Donkey pub with a large house sized extension on the back.DSCF0593

The Trent and Mersey Canal Society had a good sized work party out today, there were enough of them to work on both Pierpoints top and bottom lock. They really have got a splendid day for it, much nicer than yesterday with warm sun and next to no wind. We only wanted to do about 3 hours today, that will leave us another three for tomorrow so we put the pins in by the Matthews Nurseries. I have just had the rings crack on the third mooring pin and I still see people tying ropes to the rings.

Today's Journey map 0312 locks 3 miles in 3 hours

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Neil & Karen Payne said...

Snap - we've had three cracked rings on pins now too, but fortunately never used the rings for mooring. The guy we bought our first boat from gave us that advice which is so obvious when you see the rings are just welded on.