Thursday, 15 August 2019

Fretherne Bridge Thursday 15 August 2019

Day : Thursday
Date : 15 August 2019
Start : 1030hrs.
Finish : 1600 hrs Fretherne Bridge

I have uploaded our proposed route to CanalPlanAC at if anyone wants to see where we are likely to be. It gets updated with actual position each night.

Well last nights crew change went well, we now have George the younger Grandson and have given back Brian and his dog Spot.

This morning we woke to sunshine and set off back to Sharpness. On the way we passed another group of Stand up Paddle boarders (SUP) and the instructors had their dogs with them, he didn't look that impressed, unlike the one we saw later.DSCF2180

At Sharpness we winded and returned to the old Railway swing bridge where we stopped to show George and explain the disastrous loss of the two oil tankers in the fog.DSCF2186

After lunch we carried on to Purton to look at the hulks again, we did this yesterday with Brian in the rain, they look much better in the sunshine.DSCF2194

The is now two memorial stone to the crews who lost their lives in the bridge disaster, one of them is at Purton.DSCF2197

We also took the opportunity to fill with water at the water point there. We then made our way to Fretherne Bridge for the night. On the way we not only passed another group of SUP's again the instructors still had their dogs onboard, but the black one looked much happier.DSCF2204

We also passed a boat with an outside clay oven, he had it fired up when we passed the other day.DSCF2203

We were hoping to moor close to the bridge, but one side in no mooring for 400 yards and the other side is a long stretch of long term moorings before you come to the visitor moorings where there was room for just 2 boats.

Today's Journeymap 22

11¼ Miles o Locks in 4 hours

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