Friday, 23 August 2019

Tibberton Friday 23 August 2019

Day : Friday
Date : 23 August 2019
Start : 1140
Finish : 1510 Tibberton Visitor Moorings

I have uploaded our proposed route to CanalPlanAC if anyone wants to see where we are likely to be. It gets updated with actual position each night.

A small disturbance yesterday evening when one of three lads walking by stepped on the gunwale and made the boat rock, well gone by the time I put my head out, other than that a very quiet mooring.

This morning we visited the Cathedral before setting off at 1140 hrs. Looking out of the porthole before we departed we saw this Moorhen enjoying a fallen damson.DSCF2256

Worcester has quite an interesting brick railway bridge over the canal right by the entrance to Lowesmoor Wharf the home of Worcester Marina. I wonder how many bricks they saved havingDSCF2259 the hole above the towpath?

The Landsdown bridge beside the recreation ground has been nicely decorated on its abutments, better than plane concrete covered in unsavory graffiti.DSCF2261

We had mixed luck with the locks as although there were boats coming down we caught up with the boat ahead going up in the first part of the journey, after that it was just a stead passing of boats coming the other way. We picked some Victoria Plumbs just above Tolladine lock and just had a bowl full when a boat came down, continuing up the flight we almost had lock 15 turned on us, we were well on the way to the lock from No. 14 when we saw a lady struggling to raise a top paddle, if the paddles had not be so heavy she would have succeeded, a few blasts on the horn eventually caught her attention. The top lock, lock 16 for some reason needs to be left empty, I have no idea why. Also today there are now 2 paddles out of action coming up the locks, it was only one last week when we came this way.

We moored up a little after 3 at the Tibberton 2 day Visitor moorings and walked up to The Bridge pub to check the beer out, but I wasn't over impressed, I prefer something a bit darker

Today's Journeymap 307 Miles 14 Locks in 3½ hours

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