Sunday, 27 October 2019

Alvecote Sunday 27 October 2019

Day : Sunday
Date : 27 October 2019
Start : 1040
Finish : 1540 back in the marina

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Well last night we spent just over £25 for a Chinese Takeaway for 2, mistake, It did dinner last night, dinner tonight and a light lunch as well, enough to feed 5 people and all very nice.

The clocks changing was a real bonus and we made good use of the extra hour this morning, it was even better with the spring like day. We didn't go far, less than an hour and moored opposite the Samuel Barlow pub as I had some work to do. we had a few electrical faults to sort out. Unfortunately access to the back of the electrical panel is not as easy as it was 20 years ago so it involved a bit of pulling about which is why I have put it off until now.

You may remember about May time the Stirling Battery monitor lost its grey smoke, well that still needed a couple of signal wires removing before it could be binned, it had a hole big enough to put your little finger in burnt in the top, the reason looks to have been a nut and bolt on a heat sink coming undone and falling in the works. Then back in July the "Ignition" switch had the barrel fall out, I have been switching on and off with a screwdriver since then and flashing a wire to energise the starter, so that was replaced. Years ago I had a remote fault buzzer fed from the engine panel, that popped the diode where the oil pressure switch feeds the buzzed, so new diode fitted.

Then the fun began, The oil pressure warning light fused about 6 months ago, I put a new bulb in but it still didn't work, with my head and meter at the back of the panel I unscrewed the bulb, except I unscrewed the alternator warning light, put it back and that didn't work. The fittings are crap, a thin centre stem to touch the end of the bulb and a coil spring to give the return, just touching a contact right in the back, except it wasn't, spent a long time poking around with a small screwdriver and eventually the alternator lamp worked again, without it the alternator didn't energise. With that success it was on to the oil pressure lamp, that now works as well. I don't know if the temperature one works or not???

So that was the electrical tasks out of the way, put the engine room back together and chugged back into out berth to fill with water and unload new galley cupboard doors from the car. Fitted 7 of them and then found the two for the overhead cupboards are the wrong size, it looks as if they are pad drawer fronts and of course B&Q don't have any. I still have two cutlery drawer fronts to fit and all the knobs but that is a daylight job.

Today's Journeymap 022¼ Miles 0 Locks in 52 minutes.

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