Monday, 28 October 2019

Curdworth Bottom, Monday 28 October 2019

Day : Monday
Date : 28 October 2019
Start : 1130
Finish : 1515 Curdworth bottom lock

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We woke to thick fog and the temperature had been down to around freezing so I was very glad I didn't have to drive to work this morning. It wasn't long before the sun was burning it off, this was the view from the back doors at about 9 am.DSCF2952

First job today was to fit the door knobs and drawer fronts, needless to say the pre drilled drawer fronts didn't line up with our drawer fixing points so had to be marked out and re-drilled, but it all worked out OK.

1130 Am saw us backing out of our berth and up the marina to wind, before heading along the canal towards Fazeley Junction, there was no wind and it felt very pleasant. At Amington I spotted this chap, could be a lady laying in the grass on the offside bank, so stopped and reversed up to take this photo. DSCF2963

A little further on was the ex hotel boat, Snipe with a rather interesting chimney cover, I do hope they don't forget to remove it DSCF2955 before lighting the fire. Shortly after that was the tyre boat with all his decorations made from tyres, well not all, as he also has a DSCF2960fine collection of animal skeletons strewn about as well as a full size skeleton pirate on the rear deck. DSCF2956

We stopped for a bit of lunch just before Glascote top lock, while we were there 2 boats came up the flight and three passed us heading down, one stopped for water and helped everyone else down the flight while his tank was filling. It may have been easier if there weren't two boats moored on the lock bollards.

At Fazeley junction it was sharp left up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal, we saw a couple of Kingfishers up here skimming along ahead of us, before going high in the air to return back the way they came. We moored for the night between the winding hole and Curdworth bottom lock, since we have been here a hire boat has gone up and left the top paddle up, so I walked up and dropped it, in the morning we will find out if they have done that all the way up.

Today's Journeymap 037¼ Miles 2 Locks in 3 hours.

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