Saturday, 5 October 2019

Stone Saturday 5 Octuber 2019

Day : Saturday
Date : 5 October 2019
Start : 1000
Finish : 1415 Stone

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Well that was the last thing I was expecting to disturb my sleep in Trentham, deer barking at each other on the far side of the canal with an owl thrown in for good measure.
Off to a fine day and down to Trentham lock where a pair of swans were displaying to each other, even though they had a couple of Cygnets with them.DSCF2865

We passed a lone fisherman and his dog, he sat there with a rather wooden appearance and didn't acknowledge me at all.DSCF2868
When we arrived at the top of the Meaford flight we were the third in the queue. We didn't realise that there was a food festival on at Stone and we were hoping to moor and eat there tonight. It was hear that I picked up yet another fender, this one was floating soDSCF2870 not around my prop. Then low and behold the boat ahead lost one going into the lock, but his crew rescued it with a boat hook.
The bridge at Meaford Lock has been hit yet again, I have only ever been through here once when there hasn't been any damage.DSCF2871

The news coming up the flight was that Stone was packed, best moor in the long pound below the flight and walk in. No way. We were told that the moorings opposite Roger Fuller's yard was also full, wrong, a couple of spaces and a hire boat in the middle of room for two, but still a way out of town.

We bumped into Rebekah and Matt Parrott from Northwich Dry Dock where our boat was both blacked and painted at Newcastle lock so had bit of a chat. We carried on down through the town, work is going on at a pace at Joules new unit. It looks veryDSCF2876 interesting what they are doing especially as they are an old Stone company.
We dropped through Star Lock and there just the other side of the winding hole was a good 60 foot mooring, so not much problem fitting 57 feet in and dead close to town. We wanted to eat at the Italian Restaurant but they were fully booked so its off to Lanna for a Thai meal, we have been several times before and always found it very good.

Today's Journeymap 135¾ Miles 8 Locks in 4¼ hours

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