Monday, 13 July 2020


Well the day started damp, very light rain which stopped before we left, but it ended wet with real rain, we did get some sun in the middle.

We were away at half ten but several boats had come by in both directions by then.
The moorings at Stoke Golding on the long bend were completely empty, just as they were on our outward journey. I mentioned earlier about the stateDSCF3752 of some of the bridges along this canal, here is another example, but not due to vehicle impact this time.

CRT contractors are still working on the towpath at Hinckley with a floating digger with a flat half full of DSCF3754surfacing sand moored alongside. Later in the day I was to meet another flat full of surfacing sand being pushed with a small tug, of course I met it on a bend with a row of moored boats on the outside of the bend and an overhanging tree on the inside, We passed green to green with a cheery wave.

As we passed the Lime Kiln pub I noticed this canal marker set well back into the lawn, this would donate the where the the ownership of the canal company ended, now CRT.DSCF3755 We pushed on a bit further looking for a mooring before the junction, we found one just through bridge 3, there were three boat here already well spread out but there was a 60 foot gap between the last two. Just as we were pulling in 3 more boats came the other way, the last one being a Sea Otter who was able to pull in at the other end.

Todays journey 11 miles in 4.5 hours and a new map.
map 8

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

The bridge damage may be due to a form of vehicle impact - overweight vehicles.