Sunday, 12 July 2020

Sutton Cheney

We overslept this morning, I think it was due to the early morning ducks and then dropping off again. Its even hotter today, around the 25° mark but in the early hours it dropped down to 4°C. It was getting towards 11am when we set off, Diana went to dump the rubbish and open the bridge but was beaten to it by the boat ahead, they were stopping for water so I went on ahead, The moorings beyond the bridge were already full with new boats arriving, some even opposite the winding hole, the last boat to arrive asked it it was OK to moor where we had come from, he said it was 25 years since he last visited.

Just as we were about to enter Snarestone Tunnel a boat headlight arrived at the other end so we pulled back and waited. There were 13 boats moored the far side. It wasn’t long before we passed another DSCF3741defaced mile post. This time they didn’t paint out the original 10 mile marker.

There were lots of people out enjoying the sunshine today, Magnet Fishermen, Walkers, Fishermen, Canoeists and even a couple of Stand Up Paddleboarders, non of which caused us any problem.DSCF3743 
Some of the cloud formations today were quite interesting from this very light wisping through toDSCF3745 the small fluffy blobs.DSCF3749

We made a short stop at Shenton Aqueduct for Diana to replenish supplies from Aqueduct Farm shop which is close by.

If the visitor Moorings at Sutton Cheney had have been open we would probably stopped there for the night, but they are closed for refurbishment. At theDSCF3748 moment they are made of recycled plastic and haven’t stood the test of time, so we carried on for about a mile before mooring in the middle of nowhere.

Today’s Journey 12 miles in 5 hours Map 7a

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