Thursday, 16 July 2020


Last night we chose our mooring spot to be the furthest point from the railway with a very small hill between it and us. What we didn’t barging on was them working on the line all night directly opposite where we moored with lights and machinery running.

We didn’t set off until 1140 this morning, before leaving I remade the coax ends on the Moonraker TV aerial which hopefully will make it more stable in windy weather. Just as I was about to untie NB Briar Rose came by and we exchanged greetings, as you do.

There are a lot of young ducklings around at the moment, I expect these are probably second brood DSCF3773when the duck lost her first clutch and not doing too well with this clutch.

We had a good run and at Glascote top lock a boater who was taking on water kindly opened the top gate for us.We met more hire craft today than we have all trip, only one in a bad spot but several pulled over to far and took a trip through the trees.

Passing through Fazeley there were hardly any boats moored which is unusual whereas Hopwas was pretty full and we had to pass through to the far side to find a spot, and now even more boats have arrived.

Todays Journey 11 miles, 2 locks in 4 11

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