Friday, 10 July 2020

Market Bosworth

We had heavy rain overnight but woke to a sunny morning, but despite the sun it was cooler than yesterday, overcast at times with a few spots of rain just before we moored up. Again its been a reasonably busy day with us meeting over a dozen boats in 4 hours.

Ashby boat looked as they were getting 4 boats ready to go out, one had just returned and the family were packing the car with all the kids toys they had taken with them.

We have moored at Market Bosworth for the night, just beyond the bit controlled by Bosworth Marina, it looks as if they now have 4 long  term moorings there, maybe no one wanted to pay to spend a night on the towpath. Its a pity because they were good visitor moorings that were well used.

Today’s Journey 9.6 miles in 4 hours with no locks. You now have a choice of 5bMap 5

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