Thursday, 25 November 2021

Bramcote Ashby Canal

First job this morning was down to Playwrites for a full English breakfast, a good way to start the day. I didn’t think to ask them where they kept the rocket lines to rescue people from the basin. Lots of the premises had these posters in their windows but none are open in the evening. 


Then a visit to the Portuguese shop for cakes followed by the Polish shop to buy fish and biscuits before setting along the canal back to Hawkesbury junction. On the way we passed loads of CRT volunteers who were out litter picking in pairs, doing ground work around the sanitary station. We only met one boat making their way down to the basin. Since we last came down here they have trimmed the trees from in front of the flats, they were right in front of the windows.DSCF5904

We thought this slightly unusual, we have often seen cats or dogs taking themselves for a walk along the towpath but never a cockerel before.DSCF5907

Once past Suttons Stop and saying hello to Bob and Rosemary plus dogs we stopped of at Chris and Terry’s for a quick chat and cup of tea that took an hour and a half, then off again to Marston Junction where we decided to  take an excursion up the Ashby canal, after a couple of miles we decided to stop for the night as the sun was only just above the 13

Todays Journey 11 miles no locks in 3¾ hours moving time

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