Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Coventry Basin

Last night we had dinner at the Greyhound pub, we only had the pies but I don’t think we have ever had better, even in the so called pie pubs.
It was quite miserable weather wise this morning when we set off at 10am with cold dampness in the air. Needles to say the one and only lock was against us with all of 6” differential of level. Turning towards Coventry is 10 times easier than turning back on yourself towards Nuneaton. Diana took the opportunity to dump the recycling and then step back onboard on the Coventry Canal. The first bridge we went under has these nice sculptures on it.DSCF5898

The canal is a lot cleaner than it use to be but one boat did have a problem at bridge 4, we found it a bit slow through it but no other problems. Part way down there is a sofa on the back of the towpath, the reason its not been thrown in or set fire to is because its made of solid concrete, maybe top side of a ton and a half?DSCF5899

Down in the basin we winded to reverse into the northern arm, this chap keeps an eye on who comes and goes.DSCF5900

It was only a very short trip for us today and we spent the afternoon wandering around the Transport Museum, last time we visited we had my grandson with us so we still had tickets to get in for 12 months

map 12

Todays Journey 5¾ miles, 1 Lock in 2¼ hours

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