Friday, 7 January 2022

Fazeley Junction

Well the temperature stayed above freezing last night but we did see some frost on the reeds by the edge of the canal during the day.
The Waterworks are quite some magnificent buildings just across the lane from the canal.DSCF6182 Last night we were quite safe as this tree was looking over us.DSCF6181 Thanks tree. We only met a couple of boats on the move and very few moored in places like Hopwas and Fazeley. What we did see was lots of dog walking, big and small. It felt really cold cruising along and I was quite please when Diana popped up and said go down and get warm.
At the beginning of the trip I posted about miniature displays on the tops of boat, this one is on the roof of the Little Chimney Companies boat.DSCF6183

We filed with water at Fazeley junction and then went through bridge 77 to moor for the night opposite the saw mill, but when we came to moor we found a steel ledge about  8” below the surface so we couldn’t deploy our fenders. In the light of this we backed up through the bridge and moored the other side of the water point.

map 18

Todays Journey 10 miles, no locks in 4½ hours.

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