Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Woodend Lock

Yesterday afternoon after we moored up Diana took a walk back to the horse bridge crossing the Trent to Shugborough Hall as last time we were here someone had tried to drive a stolen car across it and cause major damage to the walls. She came back to say this has now been repaired.
As we were getting up this morning it was raining, the temperature didn’t drop below freezing all night but got close. By the time we had finished breakfast it was bright sun as can be seen from the front of Shugborough Hall and it stayed sunny all morning and dry all day.DSCF6157

A boat came by just before we left but he must have moored above Colwich Lock as that was empty when we arrived. The lock is certainly living up to its nickname at the moment, Cow **** lock and one had to watch where you put your feet as you DSCF6158returned to the boat below the lock.
One of the houses in Colwich is having some major landscaping work carried out at the moment, it will be interesting to see how it develops.DSCF6160 One of the houses just before Wolseley Bridge had Snowdrops in bloom, these are the second lot we have seen this trip. We met our first boat on the move just before Rugeley, we had overtake a hire boat about to leave at Wolseley Bridge. Coming into Rugeley Naomis Landing has a good Christmas display, you can find it on Facebook at (6) Naomi's Landing | Facebook.DSCF6164

DSCF6163 DSCF6162 DSCF6161

It wasn’t long before we were through Rugeley, I expected to see a lot moor boats moored there for the winter months. As expected we didn’t meet anyone at Armitage tunnel or on the blind bend by the church, we did however meet a boat by the toilet pan factory. Passing Kings Bromley marina this Buzzard was sat in a very small tree and just looked at me, such a shame the light wasn’t better.DSCF6167 (2) Its been a good trip for wildlife with the fox as well as lots of birds. I have witnessed more Kingfishers actually catching fish this trip than all my years on the cut. It wasn’t far from here to out mooring for the night just above Woodend Lock.

map 16Todays journey 11 miles, 1 lock in 4 hours

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Nice Write up Brian, thank you for sharing your observations :)