Sunday, 2 January 2022


We set of in bright sun and no wind, I thought I would get a nice reflection of this bridge with no ripples but two canoes came through before I had a good view of it.DSCF6128 Next on the list for photographs was this fox, it was beside the canal but went down the hedgerow before going out across the open field with a couple of crows mobbing it.DSCF6132 As we passed Aston Marina there was a boat coming towards us, so that was the first lock ready and as we got close a second boater coming down opened the bottom gates ready for us.
We moored just below the winding hole at Stone to visit Morrisons to top up with fresh veg. The short life reduced section was piled high, but far too many people milling around for us to poke out noses in, talking of noses, some people still don’t get the idea that a mask has to cover both mouth and nose to have a chance of containing anything. Just as we returned to the boat the boat ahead set off up Star Lock so they would all be against us. In these locks I hang back near the bottom gates then Diana can fully open the gate paddle. DSCF6137After Yard lock it started raining, not much, but raining. The Joules Brewery Tap House at Crown Wharf is now complete and open for business. DSCF6139As we proceeded the rain got heavier and we decided to call it a day just below Meaford Locks.

map 13

Today’s Journey 4¼ miles 5 locks in 2½ hours

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Ann Street said...

We eat a lot of veg and I make a lot of soup. I have never managed to keep veg fresh on the boat but this year i filed an old cool box before we left home . We kept it outside the cabin at the front of the boat and after almost two weeks we still has fresh veg. I'll certu try that again