Saturday, 8 January 2022

Home Moorings

Well the temperature may have been much better this morning, but the rest wasn’t and needless to say we set off in the rain but it did stop now and again. We met Rick on the fuel boat Aurora just before the two Glascote Locks so both the locks were with us. We then chugged on without meeting a boat all the way back to the moorings, Just before the moorings I spotted a Kingfisher sat onto of a post, I reversed back and as I got in position to get a clear shot it flew off.
Why does the wind always pick up as soon as you turn into the marina, we winded and backed down to our spot to find another boat moored there so we slipped into the slot beside it, where I suspect it should be.

map 19
Todays Journey 3¾ miles, 2 locks in 1¾ hours.


To see the maps of the entire trip please go to
 Map 1 and Map 2

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