Friday 25 November 2022

Back at the marina

After yesterdays rain we woke to a lovely sunny morning and set off at our normal 10am, we didn’t meet any boats in the morning but the 2 Glascote locks were both against us. These sparrows were making good use of one of the towpath puddles.DSCF7426

On the way we passed a house that has done some interesting pruning on his trees.DSCF7423

We chugged on to Fazeley Junction where I made a real pigs ear of turning up the Birmingham and Fazeley. It seems strange going up here and not seeing Kew on her moorings. We topped up with diesel and had a pump out at Fazeley marina before topping up with water and heading back to Alvecote.
Fazeley Junction  is much easier in this direction and went well. Just before the aqueduct the land to the towpath side is quite flooded.DSCF7428

Glascote top lock now has a plaque on a large stone by the bottom gates, it shows someone appreciated the service Keith put in.DSCF7429

From here we chugged on back to the marina meeting a few boats on the way. Thankfully the weather was calm this afternoon, unlike yesterday when we passed for the reverse back down to out berth.

Today’s Journeyimage

7 miles, 4 locks in 4½ hours

The full tripimage

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