Sunday, 20 November 2022


We woke to a nice sunny morning and by 9-30 we were ready to go if another boat came along, needless to say at 10am we set off down the flight alone with all locks against us. When we approached lock 2 there was a boat just leaving ahead of us and they offered to wait at lock one (the last one). The closed up as they left but I spotted a boat just exiting lock one coming towards us, so we opened up and waited for him.
True to their work the other boat was waiting in lock one. We carried on to Braunston Turn and headed up the North Oxford Canal stopping at Dunchurch Pools marina to fill with diesel, a sign the weather is getting cooler and the stove is on more and more refuelling stops needed. After leaving the marina we headed towards Hillmorton, stopping for the night just Barby Straight just past bridge 75.

Todays Journeyimage

6.75 miles, 6 locks in 4hours

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