Tuesday, 8 November 2022


We set off at our normal 10am in bright sun, andDSCF7322 light winds, within 10 minutes the rain coats were on and they stayed that way, we had a real mixture, light wind, light rain, heavy rain and strong wind with a touch of sun shine now and again.
It wasn’t long before we could see where the coir sausages were being used, they are tucked in behind this wooden piling and then planted withDSCF7324 reeds. This was about half way to Hillmorton Locks.
All three locks were with us and as we entered the first the first squall hit us. With the traffic coming towards us we were able to leave all top gates open. The new housing development on the bind just prior to the railway is still on going with lots of places up for sale still.DSCF7325

It looks as if the wet docks just past The Waterside pub, with lots of work going on between there and Hillmorton Wharf, one boat in the wet dock and two moored outside the dockDSCF7326

We continued on past Barby Straight to get hit with yet a bigger squall. We called in at Dunchurch Pools to fill with diesel, turning round to come into the fuelling pontoon was interesting. As we left the weather started to improve  and we moored outside The Boat House at Braunston in sunshine.
Braunston has always been know as a black hole for mobile reception, well things have changed, this is my internet connection.image

Today’s Journey image

      8¼ miles, 3 locks in 3½ hours

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