Monday, 20 February 2023


Last night we had a takeaway Indian meal from The Yard Spice, needless to say there is sufficient for dinner today as well. TV reception here was zero but we were close to an aerial array so that may have been the cause. We didn’t have the best of nights sleep, first it was what we think were cats screaming and then early hours a pare of large white geese trying to wake the dead. This morning was absolutely great with temperatures well into double figures hitting 16°C by mid morning.
Just as we were setting off the two boats behind us left so I gave then a bit of room to get away before we pushed off.
I managed to get a bit better look of the new poetry boards, part of the Polesworth poetry trail.DSCF7596 
Unfortunately some are not weathering to well by the look of things, maybe they are only meant to be temporary.

DSCF7595 DSCF7597

As we approached Pooley Country Park the golden Obelisk was glinting in the sunshine, I say gold as it is all gold leaf, top to bottom.DSCF7598

Not long after this we were back in the marina, a slight breeze so I decided to wind in the opposite direction which went well, unlike dropping backwards into our slot, but a doo have an excuse, from when I winded to when I tried to get in our slot I was distracted by a fox who I think had found something to eat, the surprising thing was there were people and dogs about but both seemed oblivious to each other.DSCF7610

I hope I haven’t made the wrong decision but I haven’t drained the water, just isolated at the tank and opened all the taps.

Today’s Journey image

2¼ miles, No locks in 1 hour

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