Saturday, 11 February 2023

Bottom Atherstone Locks

We had a very good run from home to where we left M42 where we found our turning closed off, off the A5 and Tomtom didn’t know about, so we continued along the A5 and then relied on Tomtom to take in a long loop to get us back to the road to the marina. Once on board it was a case of unpacking the car and wile Diana packed things away I refilled the freshwater system, this is quite straight forward, open the isolation valve on the tank and switch the pump on and wait for water to come out of both cold and hot taps. It was just as well I drained down as I recorded down below -2° on the floor of the boat, well below water level.
After lunch we left the marina and headed towards Coventry, the weather although very overcast was surprisingly mild with no wind. Needless to say we didn’t see any boats on the move but one did come down the flight about 5pm.
For a long time there have been Plaques, poems and writings along the Pooley section of towpath, now there are a few more new ones.DSCF7529

Todays Journeyimage

4¾ miles no locks in 1¾  hours

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