Friday 5 January 2024

Coventry Basin

A very good meal in the Greyhound last night, we were very pleased we stopped here even if it was raining when we walked back to the boat.
This morning was fine and we set off just after ten o’clock. I always find it amusing what some people use to stop the rain going down the stack, bottle, cans, chamber pots, I posted a photo of a boot this trip and today a hat.DSCF8886

It wasn’t far to the first lock  which Diana had walked ahead to set, it has a fall of at least 10” then under the footbridge onto the Coventry Canal and turn left for Coventry.  There were quite a few branched floating around the canal that have broken off in the storms and a couple of small trees down from the off side, but its possible to push past them. Spring is on its way, yesterday snowdrops and today it’s pussy willows breaking out.DSCF8887

Half way down to Coventry Basin we passed this huge building on the off side, I guess at one time it was some kind of manufacturing shop, maybe the car industry.DSCF8889

Just a short way past this is what I think is a metal recycling yard and is partly surrounded by shipping containers stacked three high.DSCF8890

We met a couple of boats on our way to the basin, both in convenient places so were quite hopeful there would be spaces when we arrived and we weren't disappointed with 5 boats already moored in bright sunshine, we slid in down between them to moor against the swing bridge. Just look at those shadows.DSCF8891

Todays Journeyimage

5½ miles, 1 lock in 2 hours

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