Monday 8 January 2024

Home Mooring

First job today was to go over to the water point and dispose of the rubbish, this included the builders bag that I picked up yesterday.DSCF8914

On the way we passed the old coal yard and office that is now used by CRT volunteers, someone decided it would be fun to smash the windows and trash what ever they could find inside.DSCF8912

While we filled with water Diana took a trip to the charity shop to get rid of some jigsaws but when she returned the bag was faller than when she went. We set off down the flight, some locks against us and some with us. Our plan was to get to Grendon Bridge as the chaps were supposed to be cutting the tree down today and we would then get through in the morning. When we arrived at about half one there were no one about and no tapes across the bridge so we went through, but once under the DSCF8915bridge it you could see the small bits over the towpath they cut off to make it OK for walkers, The main tree is still laying across the canal, but too late, we were through.DSCF8915

As it was only about an hour and a half back to our berth we decided to push on passing this boat with the skull above the rear door.DSCF8916

Well we haven’t seen any snow at all but its not been very warm, about 4°C and below freezing over night. For once back at the marina there was next to no wind and I slid nicely backwards down to our berth, of course no one was watching  except thisDSCF8917chap sitting on the end of one of the pontoons and it went perfect, I even had time for the photo.

Today’s Journeyimage

8¾ miles, 11 locks in 4¾ hours.

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