Saturday 6 January 2024

Nuneaton Bridge 16

Woke to brilliant sun shine and a blue sky, first job of the mooring over to Playwrights for a traditional English cooked breakfast, my highlight of a night in Coventry Basin. This made us slightly late getting away.
These stones are set in the ground just back from the towpath by bridge 5 (I hope that's the right number) Do they have any significant meaning.DSCF8892 

It was a bit harder squeezing past the fallen fir tree on out way back, a few more revs required as you push over the tip of it.DSCF8893

The next obstacle is just the other side of the bridge, another tree fallen from the offside with just room to get round it.DSCF8895

We did meet one boat along this stretch who were heading for the basin but there were a lot of people on the towpath heading for the stadium.
This bridge still looks to be free of graffiti unless you class the mural graffiti, there is quite a bit of this artDSCF8896 work professionally carried out along the 5 mile stretch leading into town.
Thankfully lots of offside vegetation has been removed since we last came to the basin in October, there was only just room to slide through here then, but now its all cut back, as it is in other parts.DSCF8898

This must be the only sofa ever left by the towpath for well over 25 years that has not ended up un the canal. Its actually a carved stone sofa on a caved DSCF8899raft and was produced by Tim Shutter and is know as the pleasure craft, there are even a pair of oars on the back.
Once back at Sutton’s Stop we carried straight on along the Coventry canal, at Marston Junction I spotted a boat coming out of the Ashby so gave him a short pip on the horn to let him know I was there. Shortly after this a Kingfisher zoomed past us andDSCF8900 landed on the railings around the weir. It stayed just long enough for one photo before shooting off along the canal and landing in a tree. I wont post the shots I took after it had gone.DSCF8902

As soon as we came to a straight piece of piling we moored up for the night in the sunshine. If we didn’t moor here it would be the other side of Nuneaton.

Today’s Journey image

8¾ miles, no locks in 3 hours

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