Thursday 4 January 2024

Hawkesbury Junction (Suttons Stop)

Well a dry day and a dry night and it wasn’t long before Diana was taking us through Newbold tunnelDSCF8864

On the far side of the tunnel looking towards Brinklow, Armada’s hire base gave a nice reflection through Fall’s Bridge.DSCF8868

The reflections didn’t go away with lots more at the off side long term moorings in Cathiron.DSCF8869

The moorings may look nice but at the moment some of them are totally under water.DSCF8871

There were two CRT trucks parked up at Old Oaks Wood, I am not sure why they were there as three operatives were by the vehicles I guess that had DSCF8872ether just arrived or were about to leave. Its possible they had been securing this tree trunk, I don’t think just three of them were about to retrieveDSCF8873it. The other problem they may have been there to look at is this land slip by bridge Easenhall Lane Bridge, I ran aground on this two weeks ago, but since then the small tree has come down with it, so you have to keep close the the towpath to get by.DSCF8875

We carried on through Ansty and on towards Hawkesbury Junction, on the way we passed this well known by boaters property, just before Tusses Bridge with a garden full of old cars and VW .DSCF8881

There are even 5 in front of the house now, just to add to the collection.image

From here it wasn’t far to Hawkesbury Junction, often known as Suttons Stop where we moored just before the lock, this puts us a short walk from The Greyhound where we have a table booked for dinner tonight .

Today’s Journeyimage

11¼ miles, no locks in 4 hours

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