Monday 26 February 2024

Aston between locks 9 and 8 Birmingham

Not so cold last night but no where as warm today with a cool breeze, but no rain so all is good. Actually at times it was quite bright and pleasant.DSCF8935

Away at the normal 10am. the boat behind had already gone, however we met a boat at lock two of the Minworth flight so that eased us on our way. All the paddle gear on the Minworth flight has been freshly greased, all the rest we have done have been as dry as a bone. One thing I never noticed before is the iron work on the lock side by the top gates, I guess it was to take the wear when the boatmen didn’t get it quite right coming in. DSCF8936

I fund the structure of the Old Kingsbury Road bridge just above the lock quite interesting but hard to capture with the camera.DSCF8934

I stopped under Tyburn bridge while Diana visited Aldi and I took the opportunity to clear the prop of a large piece of cloth while she was gone.
I have asked several times about the factory over the canal near Troutpool bridge but never had that much information, it looks a recent construction, so did they close the canal to build it? the canal was still in commercial use as there are mooring rings by the sealed up doorways.
It was then on to Salford Junction were we took the second turn keeping on the B&F canal. I expected to see a notice here telling me the way straight ahead was closed at Perry Bar locks, but nothing. We just went up 3 locks planning to moor on the offside by the London School of Science and Technology but the only mooring was outside the building with a café and the aircon makes a real racket so we passed under Rocky Road bridge on the towpath side. Once moored I delved back into the weed hatch removing an Ikea bag and other rubbish, I also managed to drop my Stanley knife to the bottom of the canal whilst cutting it all off.

Todays Journey image

6¾miles, 6 locks in 3½ hours

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