Saturday 24 February 2024

Curdworth Bottom Lock

We had a good drive from home to the boat, we left in mist and headlights on and arrived in bright sunshine. It was 4°C when we left home and double figures when we arrived at the moorings.
The first job was to get the water system refiled, I drained it before leaving the boat which was just as well as the temperature inside the boat fell to -4°C of course I don’t know how long it was cold for. Next job fire the Dickinson and see if the engine would start, success, first time. By now Diana had unloaded the car and sorted lunch.
We set off at ten past two, turning left as we left the marina, We didn’t see a boat on the move  until we reached Glascote Locks where the boat ahead kindly drew the paddles for us as they left the lock speeding us on our way, we were able to thank him as he moored just before Fazeley junction. As I entered the junction under bridge a boat was coming towards us from Fradley, I indicated I was turning left but they kept coming on that side to get under the bridge I was in, eventually they stopped and I was able to cross their bows and go up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal, they in turn could pass under the bridge I was sitting under. We stopped to top up with water just outside Fazeley Mill marina. For those that are interested the base price of their diesel is £1-20 at the moment.  Once full we carried on the spring like weather to moor for the night just below Curdworth bottom lock, we are moored behind two other boats, maybe they wont set off moments before us in the morning.


Todays Journeyimage

6½ miles, 2 locks in 3 hours

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